Our Story

Sweet Suga Mama's, affectionately named after my grandmother, who was known to all as Ms. Sugar, began in 2009 selling our family’s Rum Cakes. Every year for Christmas, my grandmother made rum cake and one year I was inspired to learn her recipe. From that point on, I assumed the responsibility of making rum cake for the holidays for my family.  I was encouraged  to sell the rum cakes for the holidays and resisted year after year, until August of 2009. I was laid off from work and figured I had nothing to lose, and began marketing and promoting Sweet Suga Mama's for the holiday season.  It was a HIT! 


Shortly after the holiday season my passion for baking motivated me to expand into other avenues of baking.  Upon the completion of my education in culinary arts, Sweet Suga Mama’s now offers 8 delicious flavors of cupcakes, our famous rum cake bites, 3 flavors of pie cookies, cake bars, and specializes in custom cake orders.

Sweet Suga Mama’s has been very successful thanks to the support of my family and friends.  We have been featured on ABC News, Food Networks "The Kitchen", we have baked for New York Times Best Selling Authors, music moguls and countless others. Sweet Suga Mama's famous Rum Cake Bites are also one of the top selling items on multiple 3rd party websites.


I will continue to keep my grandmother's legacy alive and will strive to always make my Suga Mama proud!