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*If you have a Rum Cake Bite order, Original and Chocolate are the only available flavors for all Promotions.

*Orders are generally processed and shipped 7-10 business days from the redemption date. 

*Attention:  The Voucher  # is a 5-8 digit # under the barcode. Ex: 1234-5678. Please submit this number to us. DO NOT submit a code that looks like: LG5K-TODV-ILG7-VIH7 (this is your groupon #, not voucher #). When the incorrect information is submitted to us, it makes it difficult for us to validate and find the value of your order. The voucher # is the best way to find orders  in Groupon's system. Incorrect information leads to delays with processing orders. Please reply to this email with the correction voucher # if you've made this error or any error for that matter. 

As always, we’ll email you with delivery timing, so you’ll know when to expect your order.


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